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PSA - The Twins by iconfile2 PSA - The Twins by iconfile2
• Oktavius Frick
• Elizabeth Frick

• 16 Years.
• 16 Years.

• Male.
• Female.

• August 8th
• August 8th

Birthplace: Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Residence: The Academy itself, at the time; otherwise, the two are often go traveling.

• Oktavius: 6'1
• Elizabeth: 5'11

• Oktavius: 141 lbs
• Elizabeth: 209 lbs (this is due to her metal interior)

• "Gigas", Venusaur Male.
• "Quadraxis", Metagross.
• "Big Bo", Hippowdon Male.
• "Pallasch", Sandslash Male.
• "Blizzaga", Cloyster Female.
• "PooP DAWG!", Arcanine Male.

• "Helios", Ninetales Male.
• "Wallace", Wobbuffet Male.
• "Mothra", Volcarona Female.
• "Casanova", Aron Male.
• "Lagann", Excadrill Female.
• "Aeris", Salamence Female.

Key Family:
Oktavius and Elizabeth are twin brother and sister, and are extremely close to each other. Not only are they very alike, but they also do double battles often, swap their Pokemon with each other when only one is fighting, and even take on each others's looks and persona to confuse people. Otherwise, they refuse to give out any information on their relatives and past aquaintances, for reasons niether will say. They don't like to talk about their family or relatives, or their past, ever. By their actions, it would appear that something truly ghastly may have happened to their family. However, they also don't seem to even remember it.

Key Friends:
• Tetsuo Nishimura: Has a lot of similarities to both twins, especially Oktavius. Elizabeth is probably the first girl of her kind he's ever met. Even soon after meeting, they had exchanged each others' Gamertags, Friend Codes, etc.

• Very strong trainers. They switch around their teams, allowing them to use unexpected techniques in single battles. In Doubles, they are even more dangerous.

• Oktavius is a master mechanical and robotic engineer. He built all of the mechanical parts that he and his sister have.

• Interestingly, Oktavius is also proficient at making clothing, which isn't too hard to believe with his dexterity and manual precision. He made all of Elizabeth's outfits himself. Apparently, after he had operated on his sister, she feared she would be shunned, as she was half-machine by then. Oktavius wanted to make sure she was beautiful regardless.

• Oktavius is not very skilled at self defense. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is very skilled in the art of judo. She is far stronger than her brother, in most regards.

• In battle, they use changing weather conditions as their main tactic, which enhances the attacks and activates the abilities of their Pokemon. In case the opponent has a Pokemon that's somehow is preventing their strategies from working, such as changing the weather themselves or trying to set up on one of their Pokemon, they can use Wallace to pick up an easy KO on that Pokemon.

• Oktavius is capable of "overclocking" his mechanical arm - when without Pokemon, this allows him to perform superhuman feats of strength, but only for mere seconds.

• One of their big tricks is that they can disguise themselves as each other perfectly, and switch places within seconds. Their voices and mannerisms are perfecty mimicked as well.
It is virtually impossible to tell which one is which at any time. In fact, in the picture in their application, Elizabeth could be the one to the left for all you know. This allows for them to decieve people to gather information, especially in "no girls/boys allowed" situations.

• This switching process is mostly unseen, but involves Oktavius crouching under Elizabeth's skirt while Elizabeth pulls herself down out of her dress and down under the skirt as well, after which she comes back up and Oktavius crawls back out, or so it seems. In reality, this means that they've switched places, and whoever Oktavius was a second ago is Elizabeth, and vice versa. Their left mechanical arms are also be swapped for one anothers', but Elizabeth cannot use Oktavius's arm as efficiently as he can.

• Though they don't have any true phobias, they both have a fear of the other dying, which means they defend each other with all they've got in dangerous situations.

• Oktavius is often "too honest" when asked for his opinion. He usually doesn't care who's offended as long as the truth is being told. This is one of many reasons why he can't get a girlfriend.

• When in Elizabeth's place, and therefore with her arm, Oktavius has a habit of taking her arm beyond its limits and breaking it, while Elizabeth with Oktavius's arm will often accidentally crush someone's hand in a handshake or slam a hole in the ground trying to catch herself after tripping. These faults are good clues as to which is which at the moment.

• Elizabeth, unlike Oktavius, often picks her nose. Usually, therefore, if Oktavius is seen with his finger up his nose, it's really Elizabeth. She only does it in public when she's disguised.

• Elizabeth has a tendency to have a shorter fuse than Oktavius.

• Both will often get themselves into trouble for the sake of a challenge or fun, but then endanger themselves greatly.

• Oktavius is a genius (even if a bit insane), and excells especially in mechanics. He even built his own mechanical arm, and all of Elizabeth's limbs, her ears, and life support system.

• Oktavius, though he regularly takes the appearance and persona of his own sister, is actually rather masculine of a guy. As such, he never acts girly when not acting as his sister, and niether does Elizabeth when she's in Oktavius's place.

• Elizabeth seems much like a proper lady when you first meet her, since she curtseys to new people and greets with "Well met, miss/mister.". However, ot turns out that besides her style of dress, she's actually quite tomboyish, and just as tough as her brother. Physically, she's even tougher.

• Oktavius and Elizabeth both like video games, and play each other often in the Pokemon games to simulate real battles and practice.

• Elizabeth is extremely masterful when it comes to putting on makeup. This is how she makes Oktavius have her face and vice versa when they switch places. She can even remove all signs of her scar, where her eye is missing, and plop in a glass one.

• Pokémon: Metagross/Volcarona.
• Color: White/Black.
• Food: Crabcakes, shrimp/Pudding.
• Phrase: "Swag is for boys. Class is for men."/"Offense isn't given, only taken."
• Ability: Sand Stream/Drought.
• Type: Steel/Fire.
• Battle Type: Single/Double.
• Legendary: Mewtwo/Rayquaza.
• Underwear: Boxer-briefs/Bloomers.
• Style: None, dresses normally/Gothic Lolita, Victorian.
• Offensive Move: Earthquake/Bug Buzz
• Utility Move: DO A BARREL ROLL!/Quiver Dance.
• Game: Halo 2/Super Mario Galaxy 2.
• Music: Rock and Roll/Dubstep

Additional Info:
• To clarify, Elizabeth is actually almost completely cybernetic - only a couple of her organs and the flesh around and on her head is still organic. This is one reason she is stronger than Oktavius, but she was even before this, anyhow. Her arms, legs, and even sections of her torso may be removed with the proper tools, which helps when her brother takes her in for scheduled maintenances, every so often. This is also why Elizabeth can disguise herself as Oktavius, despite her cup size - they're detachable.

• Quadraxis, Oktavius' Metagross, is his partner when crafting new inventions. Not only can Quadraxis process data four times faster than any supercomputer, but can also use his psychic powers to assist Oktavius by moving and attaching parts... Also, he was named after a Metroid boss.

• Mothra, Elizabeth's Volcarona, is very old, and had been trapped in the lower chambers of the Desert Resort for centuries before Elizabeth befriended her. I avoid the term "caught", in this case, because that's not quite what happened. Just ask her about it, I suppose.

• Oktavius's mind is very cluttered with thought processes and information at all times. Though this may often cause him to lose grip on common sense and even his remaining sanity, Elizabeth seems to be able to comfort him when this happens. Quadraxis can also help with his psychic powers, but this leaves Oktavius with a headache afterwards.

• Elizabeth always wears long, poofy skirts. She likes how they blow around in the wind or when she runs, and enjoys twirling them as well.

• Both of them, but more so Oktavius, tend to use Internet memes and references in their speech. Elizabeth is also an accomplished online troll, with class. Generally, if Elizabeth tries to troll someone and fails, it's usually Oktavius, but she doesn't troll much in real life anyway.

• Oktavius uses 3 of his Pokemon as mounts, as well as in battle. Poop Dawg was the first Pokemon either of them ever had, since the two were very young. Elizabeth uses Aeris, her Salamence, to get around fast.

• Oh yeah, Oktavius is kind of insane. The fact that he hacked his own arm off to make room for a mechanical one is just the tip of the iceberg. He often has panic attacks for no reason, comes up with the most improbable and crazy solutions for problems, and is prone to going utterly apesh*t if someone dares harm his sister. Not to mention he sometimes mounts cannons to Quadraxis, but not in regulated battle settings, as doing such would be illegal.

• Oktavius's mechanical arm is able to do things that a normal, organic one, can't. It allows him to type at inhuman speed as his fingers can divide into up to 20 smaller ones, make extremely precise movements while creating machines, and it even has a small afterburner on the elbow, for rocket-powered jabs. He keeps his other, organic one because he wants to be able to feel things.

• Oktavius is highly protective of Elizabeth. There's no telling what he wouldn't do if something horrible were to happen to her.

• Since Oktavius is actually taller than Elizabeth, their shoes both have mechanisms in them to alleviate this, so that the inside soles of the shoes can raise or lower. So if Elizabeth is in Oktavius's shoes, for example, she can raise her feet up by 2 inches to equal her brother's height. Likewise, Elizabeth's shoes have 2-inch heels, but the inside can be lowered so that Oktavius's feet rest inside of the heel, making him appear his actual height. Both stand at 6'1 with their shoes on.

• Elizabeth's Aron, Casanova, is kept at Level 1. To do this, Elizabeth puts Doom Seeds in his Berry Juice, which she feeds him daily. However, do not let your guard down against him, as he has the ability to sweep through teams with Sandstorm support. Underestimate him at your own risk - try battling him on Showdown, see how things go for ya.

• Instead of an actual bed, Elizabeth likes to sleep on her Volcarona, Mothra, as she is very fluffy and generates her own heat for cold nights. Elizabeth typically curls up in her fur, while Mothra hugs her gently with her limbs. In fact, Mothra is Elizabeth's personal favorite, and Mothra seems to very much love Elizabeth as well.

• On the subject of sleep, the twins can easily told apart when sleeping, as Oktavius sleeps in just boxers, and Elizabeth sleeps in a brassiere, panties, elbow glove and stockings supported by a garterbelt... fancy frilly stuff.


>>>Warning: This gets a bit cheesy.<<<

As previously stated, Oktavius and Elizabeth don't talk about their family or past, to a certain extent. Oktavius was fascinated by machines and electronics for as long as he could remember. Elizabeth, on the other hand, took an interest in playing music, and learned to play the piano and clarinet proficiently. After the two were left by themselves at the age of 12, though exactly how or for what reason is currently unknown, it was then that Oktavius decided to cut his own arm off for a cybernetic one he built. His parents never would have let him do this, or many other peculiar things, if they were around. Also, the two had decided to become trainers, as they already had a couple of their own Pokemon. For a few months, they traveled far, and came to the Sinnoh region. While there, the two went to explore Mount Coronet, hoping to find a Bronzong to capture. However, fatefully, atop Spear Pillar was a great battle between some other trainers and Team Galactic. At a certain point, Dialga and Palkia were summoned, which then brought out the monstrous Giratina from its own universe. Its entrance into this dimension caused a spacetime rift, sending out shockwaves that caused tremors within the mountain as it spatially distorted. The twins, unknowing of what was happening up at the summit, tried to make a retreat as rocks began to dislodge and fall from the cave ceiling. However, a rock slide caught Elizabeth off-guard, and she was crushed under falling boulders. This happened before Oktavius's very eyes. Without a moment's hesitation, he overcalibrated his arm and lifted the boulders off of his sister, his adrenaline also providing him the strength to do so. By the time he was able to grab her, the shaking had stopped. Her limbs were crushed, her throat cut somewhat, and her intestines spilling from her gut. The back of her skull was even caved in a bit, and one eye was destroyed, but Oktavius didn't consider for a second to give up on her. He mounted his Arcanine, carrying Elizabeth, and rode out of the mountain as fast as they could. With not a moment to lose, he took her to a hospital, but the workers there told him that there was nothing they could do for Elizabeth. Enraged, Oktavius shoved the doctor out of his way. He immediately started by cutting her limbs off, as they were damaged beyond use. The doctor, seeing his determination, called a surgeon in to help, who was able to stitch up Elizabeth's belly and neck, as well as remove the debris in her skull. However, it wasn't long before Elizabeth had grown cold, and whatever they were doing wasn't helping. The doctors tried to tell Oktavius that it was a lost cause, but he would have none of it. In a frenzy, he dismantled all of the machines and medical equipment in the room, and called out his Arcanine and Metagross to help him build. He also called out her sister's Volcarona, ordering her to keep Elizabeth alive with Morning Sun. He worked quickly, though the doctors had left the room, as Mothra could only keep Elizabeth up until her PP ran out. Within hours, Oktavius had built a makeshift life support system, which he installed into the back of his sister's head, and took yet another hour linking it to her brain properly. This clunky thing may have been his greatest invention, if it worked properly. He then cleaned her wounds and hoped for the best, because there was nothing more he could do for now but have faith in that makeshift device stuck in his sister's head. He plugged her into an outlet, and the machine began to hum as it turned on. But Elizabeth remained unmoving and cold. Finally, Oktavius fell to his knees and began to cry over her. He kept begging for the machine to start working. Eventually, Mothra could no longer keep up her move, and collapsed from fatigue. By this time, Oktavius had fallen asleep, his head resting on Elizabeth's chest.

"...unngghh... it hurts..."

Oktavius's eyes opened, and he stood up immediately as he heard this.

"Bro, you're okay... huh? What... what happened to me... such a headache too..."

There was his sister, alive and breathing before his very eyes. Saying nothing, he just picked her up and hugged her small, limbless body.

"LIZZY!!! Thank God, sis... I'd have been screwed if you didn't wake up, you're the only thing keeping me sane."

Elizabeth giggled as he said this, his tears streaming down her back.

"Bro, don't get so mushy with me. I thought you were more manly and stuff than that."
"Yeah, alright. It's just that you NEARLY DIED and-"

...yeah, this gets kind of boring and drags on. I thought this was supposed to be a simple summary? Anywho, Elizabeth survived, freaked out for a while after realizing what she'd lost, and Oktavius paid the hospital (partly) for the "crafting materials". Elizabeth was soon built another set of limbs to use. She would be shy about being in public, though, due to her appearance, but Oktavius tried his best to make this better, and began to make her extravangant (though dated in fashion) clothes to wear. Sounds wierd, but... Well yeah, he's wierd. At least Elizabeth likes them. However, the incident had taken its toll on both of them, besides Elizabeth's body. Elizabeth's brain remained a bit damaged, and she couldn't play music like she used to. She also became prone to random seizures, all the more reason for Oktavius to become paranoid for her safety. Regardless, they continued their journeys, and soon, like many others their age, had taken an interest in competitive battling and other advanced, Pokemon-related things. Once Elizabeth had decided to man up (or whatever the female equivalent is) and go out to meet people again, the two applied at the Pokespe Academy, though this was mostly Elizabeth's decision. Still, both of them wish to learn more about Pokemon, as well as battling and building up a team. They hope to enroll at the prestigious Smogon University after they graduate.
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And by ruin, well... it would have been finished right there with no more problems if everything was just happily ever after with Elizabeth. There was a scenario where she would live, but the circumstances didn't allow that to happen without it being extremely corny and boring, with the entrance of Jessica and the Sacred ash, not to mention the extremely easy finding of Genesect and the even easier battle. It was a trainwreck. So instead, I could have either drawn it out and gone on with normal RP like Elizabeth never had a problem, or I could end it with a bang and make an impact. With what happened, we not only have a very decent student dead, but a highly unstable one alive as well. From what I saw in the RP, the horror of what happened to Elizabeth may have brought about mental scars in some of the other students as well, judging by how they reacted. Not to mention, I've been waiting for a chance to have Oktavius lose it.

It would make a really gnarly drawing though. I should do that.
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From Oktavius's mental stability, I just can't wait to see how he'll crack. XD

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